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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

City of Monmouth City Council met March 2

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Mar 26, 2020

Meeting 04

City of Monmouth City Council met March 2.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:


Mayor Rod Davies called the meeting to order in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 100 East Broadway at 6:00 p.m. and led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


City Clerk Susan S. Trevor called the roll and those answering Present were: Aldermen Justin Thomas, Tony Cook, Alderwoman Susan Twomey, Brian Daw, Robert Wells, Juan Pinedo, Dan Heatherly and Alderwoman Mary Kelly Also Present: Mayor Rod Davies, City Administrator Lew Steinbrecher, City Clerk Susan S. Trevor, City Attorney Marcum Spears, MFD Chief Casey Rexroat, MPD Chief Joe Switzer, Community Engagement - IT Director Ken Helms and Building and Zoning Director Joe Clark. Absent: Woodard and Curran Public Works Director Andy Jackson


A. Approval of February 18, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes

It was moved by Alderman Cook and seconded by Alderwoman Kelly to approve the February 18, 2020 Minutes as presented. AYE: Aldermen Thomas, Cook, Daw, Wells, Pinedo, Heatherly and Alderwoman Kelly NAY: none PASS: Alderwoman Twomey MOTION CARRIED.


A. Presentations or Citizen Inquiries (all inquiries are limited to 3 minutes per City Ordinance)

There were none to be heard

B. Consent Agenda

1. Approval of Bills

It was moved by Alderman Heatherly and seconded by Alderman Wells to approve the payment of the bills as presented. AYE: Aldermen Cook, Alderwoman Twomey, Aldermen Daw, Wells, Heatherly, Pinedo, Alderwoman Kelly and Alderman Thomas NAY: none MOTION CARRIED.


A. Building and Zoning February Report – Director Clark

✓ The department is continuing to address ordinance violations and issuing permits.

✓ Y.M.C.A. bathhouse painting and electrical work is done along with most of the doors and windows having been installed.

✓ Midwest Pet Food’s new cold storage processing station and mixing facility has been completed.

✓ Arby’s new location at 1125 North Main Street has completed exterior sheeting along with plumbing and electrical rough ins. Roof insulation and membrane have been installed as well.

✓ Patton Block Grill and Brewpub has completed electrical rough in, plumbing and dry wall.

✓ Strom Center parapet wall repair and tuck-pointing will start March 9th and roof replacement will start April 1st.

B. Monmouth College’s Annual Request for Commencement

Andrew Davis, Director of Campus Safety, requested on behalf of M.C. to have the City close E. Broadway from 6th Street to 9th Street from 11:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. on Sunday, May 17, 2020. He stated that the College has its own road barriers and would be responsible for placing them on the roadway. This is the same request as last year except for the change in date. It was moved by Alderman Daw and seconded by Alderwoman Twomey to approve the above-stated request by Monmouth College. AYE: Alderwoman Twomey, Aldermen Daw, Wells, Pinedo, Heatherly, Alderwoman Kelly, Aldermen Thomas and Cook NAY: none MOTION CARRIED.

C. M-R Request for Placement of Banners on Poles

Ed Fletcher, Superintendent of M-R School District 238, explained to the Council that the District is in the process of developing a 5-year strategic plan and as part of this plan they wanted to improve school spirit. One of the ways they were looking to help with developing school spirit was the placement of banners on some of the light poles in the downtown area. He said that the District was hoping to be able to leave them up for at least a year. The Mayor said that the City has developed requirements for the short-term banners that are placed on the square, but is working on developing requirements for the banners on the poles. One of the factors that the City has to consider is the Downtown Revitalization project which might impact the placement of any banners on existing poles. The Administration will provide the Council with a proposal for banners on the pole requirements to be adopted. After adoption of these requirements, the Administration will be in contact with the School District.

D. Approval of Term Sheet with Developer for Affordable Housing Project along with an Option to Purchase for Housing Development

Administrator Steinbrecher explained to the Council that the Term Sheet and the Option to Purchase are with Jim Bergman a developer and builder of affordable housing units in the State of Illinois. The development site is a City owned 7- acre parcel along the Jackson Avenue right-of-way off North Main Street and provides for 22 duplexes totaling 44 housing units.

The Term Sheet provides for the City to donate the 7 – acre property to the Developer for $1, which allows him more points in securing grants for this project. Also, the City will establish a new TIF District for which the Developer will pay the City $18,000 toward the cost of a professional consultant to assist the City in establishing this new TIF District. The Developer will pay 100% of the cost of installing all necessary public infrastructure to open this land for development. The road into the development will be asphalt with no curb or gutter. In addition, the Developer will pay a lump sum fee of $165,000 to the City for the entire Municipal development review process.

The Option to Purchase secures the land in order for the developer to complete his due diligence process to approve his financing. The duration of the option period ends on December 31, 2020.

The Administration is requesting the Council’s approval of both the Term Sheet and the Option to Purchase with the developer, Jim Bergman. It was moved by Alderman Wells and seconded by Alderman Pinedo to approve the Term Sheet and Option to Purchase Agreement with Jim Bergman, the Developer of the Affordable Housing Project on the City owned 7- acre property off North Main Street. AYE: Aldermen Daw, Wells, Pinedo, Heatherly, Alderwoman Kelly, Aldermen Thomas, Cook and Alderwoman Twomey NAY: none MOTION CARRIED.

F. Monmouth Downtown Overlay District Discussion

Mayor Davies explained that a number of communities have created a Downtown Overlay District to preserve their downtown areas. Administrator Steinbrecher added that the boundaries of the Downtown Overlay District extend from the centerline of Archer Avenue on the North; the centerline of 1st Street on the east; the centerline of 2nd Avenue on the South; and the centerline of A Street on the West. The District also imposes 11 additional prohibited retail uses among which are pawn shops, tattoo and piercing parlors and dispensaries of adult-use cannabis and CBD along with the eight other listed prohibited uses in the ordinance. The administration will place Ordinance 20-008, which amends Chapter 154, entitled “Zoning” to include a new section 154.20 to be entitled “Downtown Overlay District” on the March 16th Council Meeting Agenda.


A. Per Illinois Statute 5ILCS 210/2 to consider employment compensation.

1. It was moved by Alderman Daw and seconded by Alderwoman Twomey to go into Executive Session at 6:30 p.m. to consider employment compensation. AYE: Aldermen Wells, Pinedo, Heatherly, Alderwoman Kelly, Aldermen Thomas and Cook, Alderwoman Twomey and Alderman Daw. NAY: none MOTION CARRIED.

2. It was moved by Alderman Cook and seconded by Alderwoman Twomey to return to Regular Session at 6:40 p.m. AYE: Aldermen Pinedo, Heatherly, Alderwoman Kelly, Aldermen Thomas, Cook, Alderwoman Twomey, Aldermen Daw and Wells NAY: none MOTION CARRIED.


There was none to consider


It was moved by Alderman Heatherly and seconded by Alderman Daw to adjourn the March 2, 2020 meeting at 6:40 p.m. MOTION CARRIED by unanimous voice vote.,%202020%20Council%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf

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